AI-enabled Bella Smart Baby Monitor with Temperature and Humidity Detection: Kickstarter

AI-enabled Bella smart baby monitor allows parents to keep a close watch on their babies round the clock. Currently, it is a part of an ongoing crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and already surpassed its pledge goal within no time. With built-in temperature and humidity detection, Bella ensures that your baby stays safe and comfortable all the time. The smart baby monitor packs many advanced features and offers a bundle of options for parents to have complete control over their baby remotely. It has its own application on Android as well as App stores, and users can operate it via smartphone without any hassle. Parents can receive alerts in multiple scenarios, such as when the baby cries, moves, or needs attention.

Bella grows along with your child and lets you monitor them from birth to the three-year-old toddler. Smart seems to be the new mantra these days as is evidenced by the availability of many wearables and devices for babies. For instance, take the case of  MIT’s smart diaper and Monit’s smart diaper. But Bella, on the other hand, let’s you stay in complete control over your baby.


Specifications and Features of Bella Smart Baby Monitor

The Bella comes embedded with Artificial intelligence and lets you stay informed about the baby all the time. The smart baby monitor does pack some robust features under its hood. Let’s dig into them right away!

Face cover detection 

Equipped with high-definition night vision, the Bella Smart Baby monitor sends frequent alerts to your smartphone. Parents receive alerts in case the babyface is covered with the blanket or when she rolls over the tummy.

Soothe Assistant

Bella’s breathing night light soothes your baby if it detects crying. It will also play a lullaby or a pre-recorded audio from her mom/dad.

Motion Detection

Bella monitor tracks your baby movements continuously and alerts you if someone happens to enter her room.

Safe Zone Setting

You can set a safe zone within the room for the baby to crawl and receive alert instantly when she crosses the set area.

Danger Zone Setting

To stay safe, the baby needs to stay away from certain areas of the home, such as the kitchen and stairs. Bella’s Panoramic view and movements tracking monitors every footstep of your baby. It instantly alerts the parents via the smartphone in case the baby enters the danger zone.

Cry Detection 

It alerts the parents when the baby is crying, and there are also options to receive additional alerts when the child is upset.

Multi-Person Authorisation 

You can also grant secure guest access to multiple family members and enable them to enjoy the baby’s precious moments.

Multi-Functional Base 

Bella comes with a multi-functional base allowing it to install anywhere in the room. Further, with built-in rechargeable batteries, smart baby monitor runs for a pretty long time.

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Auto Photo Capture

Bella’s 1080p HD resolution captures babies’ photos and videos and ensures that you never miss out on the precious memories. Bella comes packed with 128GB SD card and it can store photos and videos over a 30 day period.

Temperature and Humidity Detection 

With built-in temperature and humidity detection, Bella keeps your baby safe and comfortable throughout the day.

Accessible and Two Way Audio

With the help of a smartphone, you can remotely check on your baby anytime and can also communicate with them.

The early bird pledges for the Bella smart Monitor start from £114 on the Kickstarter project, and it translates to $149. The worldwide shipping of the products is expected to happen from May 2020.



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