This $300 mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet Mimics Parents Cuddles and Lull Babies to Sleep

The mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet is the latest addition to the 4moms portfolio of smart products. The company has previously released playards, smart car seats, high chairs, and bouncers.  The new smart sleep solution mimics parents’ cuddles and lulls babies to sleep. Sounds interesting right! The mamaRoo bassinet has been launched for a price of $300. If you spend an additional $30, you can get a basket that attaches to the legs of the machine. It can be used for keeping the baby care essentials. The smart baby sleep system has been on display at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. 

Specifications and Features of mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet

The mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet has all the ingredients that make it a perfect companion for parents. At first glance, the mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet looks like an ordinary mesh basket fitted to a machine base. When turned on, the Sleep bassinet glides up and down, side by side in smooth motions. It supports five different movements such as Kangaroo, car ride, wave, tree swing, and rock a bye. Each of the movements features five different speed settings; hence all in all the Sleep Bassinet has 25 different speed settings. Besides, it also features vibration settings, four white noise options that include rain, ocean, fan, and shush. The good thing is the smart sleep solution allows you to set everything on a timer. The mamaRoo bassinet also connects to a smartphone app and allows parents to control their movements rather remotely. All the motions mimic natural movements that parents do to cuddle their babies to sleep. 

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Pricing and Availability of mamaRoo Bassinet

 Unlike the traditional bassinets, that cost a bomb, the mamaRoo does not burn a hole in your pocket. The price of the smart sleep solution was set at $300 and sales would start in February 2020. The mamaRoo bassinet will be available for purchase from 4moms website ( and BuyBuy Baby. The product will be available internationally from March and Amazon would be its likely partner. 


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