Wahu Adaptive Soles-An Artificially Intelligent Sole Offers Traction Under Varied Conditions

CES 2020 is up around the corner, and many companies and startups are gearing up to display their innovative products. Meet Wahu- a pneumatically Adaptive shoe soles of Italy. As the name indicates, the adaptive soles adapt to the changes in the external environment and dynamic state of the wearer. The Wahu Adaptive soles have also been the recipient of the Innovation Award in the Wearables category. The shoe prototype would be on display at the e-nova stand at Las Vegas Convection center in South Hall 2, Stand number 26030.

Wahu Adaptive Soles- Artificially intelligent sole that offers maximum traction

Many leading shoe brands have worked in bringing many shoes inline with the needs of the customer. For instance, there are running shoes, walking shoes, trekking shoes and so on. The wearer has no option but to purchase various shoes as per the need. But with Wahu Adaptive Soles

, the wearer can experience maximum traction under a varied set of conditions. The adaptive soles with pop-up pads adapt their grip and shock-absorbing as per the underfoot conditions. The soles can expand and retract under various circumstances offering maximum traction. For example, when the wearer walks on the smooth surface, the pop-up pads retract completely, offering more real estate to the rubber.

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A set of micro compressors controls the movement of the pads in the adaptive soles. They pressurise a set of interconnected cavities to about 2.5 bar pressure to pop them out. Backed up by a 24 hours battery, the adaptive soles ensure a 24-hour uninterrupted operation. The shoes are connected to a smartphone app and enable the user to change the mode or can leave it to the soles to decide. The Wahu soles are fitted with various built-in sensors which analyse pressure in the foot arch areas and monitors the walking of the user. When the Wahu Adaptive Soles are pumped up, they expand to a maximum height of 8mm. The adaptive soles come in handy for industrial workers, urban frost or workout where sudden changes in grip and cushioning is required. Wahu plans to launch the product in the market in the first half of 2020.


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