Fisker Electric Ocean Cross Over SUV Set to Debut at CES 2020

Fisker is all set to unveil its Electric Ocean Cross Over SUV at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. The electric vehicle directly competes with the likes of Elon Musk’s upcoming Tesla Model Y. The company founder Hendrick Frisker did reveal essential details of the upcoming Model. The company is set to begin production in 2021 and delivers the electric vehicle to the consumers in 2022. Frisk Electric does pack exciting features under its hood and does present a strong case to compete against Tesla. The pricing of the vehicle is expected to stay around $40,000. Fisker also plans to roll out a lease program after the start of production. Motorists who wanted to secure an early build slot can do so by making a $250 deposit with the company.


Features of the Frisker Electric Ocean Cross Over SUV

The Fisker Electric Vehicle has an SUV like Silhouette that offers the designers with the more real estate to work and craft a spacious cabin. The cabin has a rooftop composed of two solar panels. Solar panels generate enough electricity to maintain optimal cabin temperature. For instance, the electricity is enough to keep the cabin cool during hot summers and warmer during the chilling winter season. However, the energy generated from the panel is not enough to charge the battery pack.

Another coolest feature in the Vehicle is the California Mode. With just a press of a button, all the three windows on the rear, rear window, and two solar panels lower down. The interiors of the Vehicle are made of entirely recycled fishnets that are collected from real oceans. The Vehicle is powered by an 80-kilowatt Lithium-ion battery that gives 200-300 miles driving range on a single charge. Frisker has also inked a deal with Volkswagen’s Electrify America for making more charging stations available to the vehicle owners.

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Pricing and Availability of Frisker Ocean Cross Over SUV

The electric SUV is expected to be priced somewhere around $40,000. The company also offers a lease program once the production sets in. As part of the program, customers can avail the vehicle by paying $379 per month and with a $3,000 down payment. Customers have varying return periods to choose from, starting from one month, eight months, 22 months, and even several years.


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