Top Men Body Hair Removal Methods-2021

Men often experience a lot of irritation and embarrassment due to the unwanted growth of hair on the body and face. If you are looking to get rid of the body hair and exploring the various available options for the same? Then you are at the right place. Body hair on men was once considered a symbol of manliness. But the scenario has now completely changed! Many men these days prefer to have smooth skin and are opting for the same grooming rights as their female counterparts. Shaving used to be the least expensive option for hair removal for men. But the process works well only for the face, legs and chest. For hair removal in other parts, there are multiple available options for hair removal for men. Opting for professional hair removal services is your best bet and makes grooming a pleasant experience for men. From temporary to permanent methods, from expensive to affordable options for men body hair removal methods, there are a plethora of available options. Without any further ado, let’s check out the top body hair removal methods for men. 

 Top men body hair removal methods

 Everybody has body hair, and it grows naturally over the body. If you are on the quest for top hair removal methods for men, you need to consider the following options. They include:

  • Laser hair removal
  • Electrolysis
  • Prescription creams
  • Shaving
  • Waxing
  • and Chemical depilation.

 Let’s go through each of them in complete detail.

 a) Electrolysis:

Electrolysis employs shortwave radio frequencies that are transmitted through needles placed in the hair follicles. The process destroys the hair follicle and doesn’t stimulate new growth. But do keep in mind that a certified dermatologist or an electrologist must supervise the process. It is very effective for removing hair from all parts of the body.

Cons of electrolysis:

Risk of infection, uncomfortable 

 b) Laser Hair Removal

Similar to electrolysis, laser hair removal for men targets hair follicle. It damages the hair follicle by high heat lasers and stops new hair growth. The process requires multiple sessions for better results. In the majority of cases, the hair removal lasts for several months or even years.

Cons of laser treatment:

Discolouration of skin, blistering, swelling and redness, and scarring of the skin

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 c) Prescription Creams

Prescription creams are affordable options for those who cannot bear the expenses of laser hair removal or electrolysis. One needs to apply the prescription creams once or twice a day. They work by inhibiting the production of enzymes stimulating hair growth.


d) Chemical Depilatories

The method of hair removal involves dissolving chemicals suspended in a gel and will attack the hair proteins. As a result, the proteins get dissolved, and the hair loosens and falls off.

Cons of chemical Depilatories:

Skin prone to allergic reactions such as itching and tanginess

e) Shaving

The quick and easiest method for body hair removal for men is shaving. Men can use it to remove facial hair and also remove hair from body parts such as arms, legs, pits and private areas. However, the hair starts to regrow within three days after shaving. 

Cons of shaving:

Chances of cuts and burns on the skin

f) Waxing

Waxing is yet another hair removal procedure, and its effect lasts for four weeks. One can do waxing by themselves or under the supervision of a professional. One can do waxing using wax, hot water and a piece of cloth. The process keeps hair at bay for quite a long duration. 

Cons of waxing:

Hot wax can burn your skin

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Which is the best way to remove men’s body hair permanently?

Some of the available hair removal methods like tweezing and shaving slows down regrowth. The hair once again grows back within a couple of weeks. But if you are searching for long-term solutions or permanent hair removal for men, then electrolysis is your go-to option. The process completely destroys the growth centre of the hair with heat energy or chemical. 

 Body Areas and Most Suitable Hair Removal Techniques for Them:

 1)  Facial hair removal for men

 Hair growth occurs mainly due to hormonal changes; it also depends on genetics. Facial hair removal for men turns out to be annoying for some people; getting rid of it is quite easy, and there are many means for the same. Plucking and male threading are the commonly used methods to get rid of facial hair. Go through the details of the processes in detail.

a) Plucking

Plucking is the easiest means to get rid of facial hair. You can use it to pluck out hair from the nose, and nearby areas. It takes a maximum of ten minutes to complete the process.

b) Male threading

Male threading is the painless technique to remove facial hair, and it is also economical.

It can be employed for removing hair in nose, chin and eyebrows. The professional will use a threat and manoeuvre it on the target area to remove the hair.

2) Chest Hair Removal for men

In today’s well-groomed society, hairy chests have become the thing of the past! The hairless chests are the preferred look for many men out there. There are multiple means for men’s chest hair removal, including shaving, depilatory cream, and body groomer.

a) Shaving

Shaving is a tried and true method for the removal of chest hair. You can use a trimmer to custom trim your hair or use a razor to wipe off the hair completely.

b) Depilatory Cream 

Use of depilatory cream lets you have that baby’s bottom skin within a few minutes. As the hair is not plucked from the root, the hair growth is much quicker.

c) Body Groomer

The body groomer is one of the easiest methods for chest hair removal. It allows you to trim and groom your hair that suits your style.

 3) Back Hair Removal for Men

Men often have patches of hair on the back; scientists attribute it to high testosterone levels. The best way for men’s back hair removal is shaving, waxing, depilatories, other hair removal creams and laser treatments.

 4) Leg Hair Removal for Men

Hair-free legs offer them a definite edge for those involved in athletics, swimming, and scuba diving activities. Besides, many men prefer to have hair-free legs. Laser treatment is the ideal option for the removal of hair on the legs. It takes only a few treatment sessions for the permanent removal of hair on the legs.

5) Hands Hair Removal for Men

Hair on your hands tends to be a turnoff for wearing your favourite sleeveless shirt. Shaving is the quickest means for men’s hand hair removal, but it does have side effects. Repeated shaving results in thicker hairs; another problem is that as the hair removal happens above the skin, it quickly grows back. Waxing can be used for hands hair removal for men. 

6) Full body hair removal for men

If you are exploring options related to full body hair removal of men, then we got you covered. But before that, you need to be aware of the areas that come under the full body. They include

  • Eyebrows, earlobes, nose, upper lip, chin, neck, beard
  • Abdomen and chest
  • Back and shoulders
  • Arms 
  • Feet and Toes
  • Buttocks
  • Lower legs and thighs
  • Hands, fingers and underarms

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For best results, you can opt for laser full body hair removal treatment from a reputed clinic. The mode of treatment can permanently reduce the growth of hair in the treated regions/areas. However, laser hair removal treatment requires multiple sessions. 

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