Covid-19 Vaccine: What is Dexamethasone, First Life-Saving Drug for Covid-19 Patients

In a major breakthrough in the ongoing fight against the Coronavirus Pandemic, Steroid treatment, Dexamethasone emerged as a potentially life-saving drug. There has been extensive research in place across the globe to develop the potential COVID 19 vaccine. During the experimental studies, it cut the risk of death by third in the patients on ventilators. Further, Dexamethasone reduced the mortality rate by 1/5th in patients on Oxygen. The drug has been found to be particularly handy for high-risk patients.

Large Study of Dexamethasone at Oxford University

In a large study at Oxford University, they randomly assigned 2104 patients with the drug as compared to the 4321 patients that received usual care. The drug was administered orally or through an intravenous injection. After 28 days, Dexamethasone reduced the mortality rate of patients on ventilators from 40% to 28%. Similarly, for patients needing oxygen, the drug reduced the mortality rate from 25% to 20%.


Chief investigator Prof Peter Horby said that it is a major breakthrough in the fight against Coronavirus disease. Dexamethasone is the only drug that has been found to reduce the mortality rate in Covid-19 patients. Researchers from the Imperial College of London will now start the clinical trials of Dexamethasone this week. The funding for the research to be supported by the British government and other prospective donors.


What is Dexamethasone, the Life-Saving Drug against Covid-19?

Dexamethasone is a low-cost steroid available in available widely across the globe. The drug has been used for treating inflammations, arthritis, blood disorders, lumps, allergic reactions, and other skin conditions. The drug has been used as a prescription medication for long since 1960. Available in multiple forms such as oral solution, oral tablet, eye drops, and eardrops, it is found to treat rheumatoid arthritis and Asthma. However, the steroid drug is found to be banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

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Active Coronavirus Vaccine Update Across the Globe

AstraZeneca’s CEO earlier said that their potential Coronavirus vaccine offers likely protection from Covid-19 at least for a year. They already seem to be conducting human trials for the Coronavirus vaccine with the Trail 1 phase in Britan due to end soon. The phase III trials have already begun. As per the report, the pharmaceutical company has signed a contract with countries including the Netherlands, France, Italy, and Germany to supply 400 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Ever since the first Coronavirus case has been reported in China in early January, the global cases of infection have surged past 8 million. The Coronavirus deaths across the globe alone account for more than 4,34,000 after contacting the virus.

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