78cm Modular Electric Car iEV Z Changes Size as per the Need

iEV motors from Denmark has manufactured a pod-sized 78 cm iEV Z modular electric car.  iEV Z is six times smaller than the size of an average vehicle. The electric vehicle is modular and would extend up to 198 cm long as per the owner’s needs. When the owner wants to add a passenger, the vehicle’s drive expands robotically to a length of 235cm. For extra cargo, the car can further be lengthened to 275cm. All this happens in a matter of seconds! Let’s take a look at some of the technical features of this car.

Technical features of iEV Z modular electric car

  • The 78cm modular electric car features a carbon steel chassis, aluminum body, power windows made of molded safety glass.
  • A single motor with 1kW power that accelerates the car to a top speed of 45km/hr
  • The Lithium battery pack delivers about 100 km on a single charge. 
  • The solar panels on the roof serve as an additional power source.
  • The vehicle can fit through door frames which is ideal for urban parking.
  • It comes with an upgraded robotic charging system.
  • With an iEV app, the car can be remotely controlled. You can change its colors, check the available battery, open its trunk for luggage, and so on.
  • Opening the vehicle is hassle-free, as you can do it with a gentle touch using the iEZ key card or via iEV app.
  • The steering wheel with cameras and a 12-inch display accounts for comfortable driving.

Price and availability

As for the price, the iEV Z modular electric vehicle is said to be available by the end of this year. The expected price of the vehicle is slated to be €5,850 (about US$6,637). 


The new iEZ modular electric car is definitely the futuristic design one could wish for. The vehicle offers an excellent alternative to drive through the narrow lanes as bikes with ever-increasing traffic. Plus, with the EV revolution just around the corner, the iEZ makes a perfect bet. That being said, the 1kW battery is not that exciting, nor its top speed of 45km/hr. Overall, this modular electric vehicle is exciting and is certainly a thing for the future!

Source : ievmotors

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