Coronavirus in Semen: Chinese Researchers Found SARS-CoV-2 in Six Patients Poses Doubts About Sexual Transmission

The Coronavirus or the Covid-19 is spreading at an alarming phase across the globe. Researchers of various esteemed institutes across the world are actively involved in the development of novel Coronavirus vaccine. But they are deeply involved in establishing the details of the Coronavirus infection in humans. In the latest research, the scientists found the Coronavirus in Semen of the infected as well as the recovered patients. However, there is no info on the viability of the semen as well as the role of Semen in the transmission of Coronavirus. The Research published in the Journal Jama Network very well lays the platform for future research on the deadly disease.


China Research Establishes Coronavirus in Semen

The pioneering research was conducted at the Shangqiu Municipal Hospital in China. As part of the research, the scientists collected the Semen samples of 38 patients, who are currently experiencing or having recovered from the disease. Out of 38 tested patients, about six patients are found to have the Coronavirus in Semen. They contribute about 16% of the total tested patients. Among the six patients, four of them are already experiencing the Coronavirus symptoms whereas the remaining two members have recovered from the disease. However, it is not known, how long does the virus is lingering in the Semen. They are also unable to establish whether Coronavirus plays a role in the transmission of infection during intercourse or sex.

After the Coronavirus or the SARS-CoV-2 enters the human body, it chiefly infects the human lungs. Besides that, the virus seems to reach some of the other sites of the body such as the heart, liver, Kidney, and the gastrointestinal tract. The results of the study are in sharp contrast to the recently published research in the Fertility and Sterility, wherein the Sars-Cov-2 was not found in the semen of the recovered patients. The research involved 34 men in Wuhan, China about one month after their diagnosis with Covid-19 infection.

The current research presents an important case as other infectious diseases like Zika and Ebola may be sexually transmitted.


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