Google Store Accidentally Ships 10 Pixel 4 Units Worth $5000 to a Customer Who Ordered One

In a rather bizarre series of events, the Google Store shipped 10 Pixel 4 units worth $5000 to the user instead of one. The user took to reddit to explain the complete sequence of events following his surprise consignment. Earlier, the customer has ordered one Google Pixel 4 64GB unit at a steeply discounted price of $499 on the US Google Pixel Store. But when he received his consignment, there were tightly packed, unopened 10 units inside the shipment instead of one. The customer was on cloud nine and felt like he won the lottery. But upon further discussion with his wife, he honestly decided to return the unopened Pixel 4 units.


When the customer contacted the Google Customer service, through the chat, they were pleasantly surprised. They asked the customer to provide the image for the same wherein he sent the image containing the box containing the excess unopened Pixel 4 units. After letting the customer wait for quite some time, the Google customer service informed that Fed-Ex would be coming to pick up the extra units. But however, the Google customer service messed up once again as the tracking slip contained only 8 units instead of 9.

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The Redditor again contacted the customer service, wherein they informed the customer to return the 8 Pixel 4 units. They told him that they would issue a separate tracking slip for the ninth unit. While everything seems to be sorted, the Google Customer service was at the receiving end of the blunder. The honesty of the Redditor definitely needs to be appreciated as he could have chosen to keep those extra 9 Pixel 4 units back rather than returning them. Also, as per the US laws, the customers could have chosen to keep the additional units with him, there is nothing that Google can do about it. 

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