Foldable Helmets to be Part of Tier’s Electric Scooters

European Micro mobility rental company, Tier has become the first company in the world to introduce foldable helmets into vehicles. The electric scooter company initially plans to equip about 200 scooters with the helmets. Over the summer, the company plans to bring the same to 5000 electric scooters in the country. The foldable helmers fit inside the box, that is placed beneath the handlebars. The compartment is lockable and can only be unlocked using a Tier app.

Tier Electric Scooters to Equip Foldable Helmets


As per the company, the helmets are designed in line with the European safety standards, and the company is said to check the helmets after every five rides. It involves disinfecting the helmets as per the Covid-19 instructions. In most cases, getting riders to wear helmets seems to be a significant issue for electrical scooter rental companies. Most of the cases, the company provides the helmets itself to the riders, but a majority of the riders seem reluctant to wear them. It is evident in the recent UCSF study, which unraveled the alarming rise in e-scooter injuries. With the use of e-scooters only going to increase in the coming days, the problem will only be magnified in the coming days. 

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Besides the locked helmet compartment, the Tier also seems to be experimenting with new handlebar technology resistant to the bacteria. The company has been working on the self-disinfecting, anti-bacterial handlebars in the wake of coronavirus. The handlebars that come with copper fleece material is found to offer 99.8 percent bacterial resistance.



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