Monit’s Smart Diaper Detects and Alerts Parents and Caregivers When the Baby Pees or Poops

Only parents know how hard it is to detect the exact time when the baby pees or poos. The South Korean company Monit has shared a Smart diaper at CES 2019 that alerts parents and caregivers when the baby pees or poops. It is very critical to keep track of baby’s pee and poo patterns, to prevent any urinary tract infections, diaper rashes, and other health complications. The new smart diaper employs a cookie-sized sensor with Bluetooth that attaches to the outside of the baby’s diaper.

Currently, parents use the Diaper sniff test, wherein they smell the diaper of the babies for the detection of pee or poo. It is a treacherous method as they constantly need to repeat the process to ensure babies health. The new smart baby monitor puts an end to all these troubles. The smart baby monitor alerts parents when the baby urinates or defecates. Apart from the smart diaper monitors temperature, humidity, and harmful gases in real-time.


How does the Monit Smart diaper function?

The Smart diaper contains a  smart sensor that is attached to the outside of the baby’s diaper. The sensor weighs just 12 grams and supports both Android and iOS platforms. The sensor features a software algorithm and a mobile application and the output of Monit is the Smart baby monitor. The sensor gathers all the information and sends it to the smartphone application. Parents can download the app and can view the status of their baby in real-time on the mobile phone. The smart sensor also features a battery indicator and so that you can charge it whenever it shows the low battery. Also, it can be used to track diaper consumption and monitor sleep patterns.

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Pricing and availability of the Smart Diaper

The company launched the Smart diaper monitor in Korea and Japan in late 2018. Monit is now partnering with Kimberly Clark to bring the technology to Huggies in April 2019. The company also plans to include a subscription service besides selling Smart baby sensor. Notably, Monit won the best kids product in ABC Kids Expo held in Las Vegas in 2016. So far the company has not announced the price of the Smart Diaper.

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