RoboTire Performs Tire Change in Only 10 minutes with Faster Tire Rotations

San Francisco Bay Area-based RoboTire has a robot that can change all the tires in flat 10 minutes! Yes, you heard it right!. In comparison to human mechanics, the new automated robot saves a hell lot of time and mimises the waiting time at Garage. It normally takes 60 minutes for a human operator to change all four tires. Robotics has been a revolution and has now on the verge of becoming an intricate part of daily lives. For instance, take the case of a trash robot, that allows the collection of the garbage from the river via the internet. Then there is Breadbot-Robotic mini bakery that makes 250 loaves of bread per day. Also, there is MarsCat, the World’s first autonomous bionic cat that mimics real cat. There are countless examples of innovations in robotics and still, they present many unexplored opportunities.

RoboTire is all Set to Revolutionise the Automotive Industry

The seed of thought for RoboTire happened to be in a service station. Victor Darolfi was once waiting in a service station for three hours for his car maintenance. Then he was bombarded by a question. if robots are used to put tires in a car factory, why not employ them to take off and put tires during maintenance? The very idea saw the birth of RoboTire, the Bay Area-based robotics company in 2018. In partnership with Mitsubishi Robotics, they have made a robot that can change and fit the tires in flat 10 minutes. The system costs $2,50,000 and Robotire is in plans to license it to the service centers, dealers and other outlets.  For early adopters who would be a part of the company’s pilot project, the company charges $5-$7 dollars per tire. Once the Robotire rolls out, it is expected to cost $10-$15 per tire.

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San Carlos, Calif.-based auto repair shop, Toole’s Garage is the startup’s first partner to pilot its project. The company is in talks with industry leaders such as Bridgestone for future collaboration opportunities. Although the RoboTire system is priced higher, the company expects to generate revenues of $10,000 per month. In such a scenario, the RoboTire would be self-sustainable and takes around two years to recover the investment.


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