Cyberbullying: AI-based Anti-toxicity Firm L1ght Wins $15million Seed Funding

Cyberbullying causes significant emotional and psychological distress on the individuals. In line with traditional bullying, the victims of Cyberbullying experience symptoms like anxiety, depression, fear, and low self-esteem. The research also supports teen based depression due to Cyberbullying. In some instances, it often drives the victims towards suicide. The AI-based anti-toxicity firm L1ght, that employs an AI-based content filter that protects the kids from online bullying. In the latest, L1ght won the $15million seed funding led by Mangrove Capital Partners and Tribeca Venture Partners, with participation from Western Technology Investment. L1ght has its headquarters at Tel Aviv in Israel and boasts an office in San Francisco.


How Al-based Anti-Toxicity Firm L1ght Protects Children from Online Toxicity?

Light has built an artificial intelligence-based platform for social media, messaging app providers, and gaming platforms. The AI-based algorithm helps identify and eradicate online bullying, predatory behavior, hate speech, and harmful content. Generally, the bullying content which the start-up terms it as the toxic content circulates in the form of video, text, audio, and images. The AI-enabled L1ght securely and privately scans the conversations looking for instances of abuse, bullying, and grooming. In such a manner, the novel AI flags content of several conversations and allows the client to decide the mode of action such as deletion or suspension. As the software is AI-based it would improve over time and would be better equipped to identify the malicious content.

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What makes L1ght standout from the rest of the AI-based algorithms is its ability to include keywords between online chats and conversations. This makes the software more reliable and sophisticated than any other algorithm.AI-based Anti-toxicity Firm L1ght co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Zohar Levkovitz said that they are working on to improve the predictive capabilities of L1ght. The startup now aims to expand and enhance the predictive capabilities of the algorithm by refining its technology.


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