This ear-massaging acupressure device reduces your stress and anxiety

This ear-massaging acupressure device wards off your stress and anxiety
Nirvana Ear-massaging device

A new Kickstarter project that featured headphone-style acupressure device has achieved its fundraising target with more than 33 days left. Nirvana is an acupressure ear massaging device engineered to promote relaxation and reduces your stress and anxiety and further enhances deep sleep. Nirvana claims that it promotes relaxation post stress through the practices certified by World health organisation (WHO). The device stimulates the various points of the Vagus nerve in the nerve that is directly associated with the parasympathetic nervous system. The Nirvana Ear acupressure is the brainchild of Jongsoo Seo, who is the inventor of the device.


The science behind Nirvana ear-massaging acupressure device:

The autonomic nervous system is composed of both Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nerves prepare the body for intense physical activity also known as flight or fight nerves. On the other hand, parasympathetic nerves are contrary to sympathetic nerves and relax the body. The Vagus nerve carries 75% of the parasympathetic nerves and controls involuntary activities like breathing, heart rate and digestion. Exposure to stress activates sympathetic nerves and suppresses the functions of the Vagus nerve. Hence, there appear the symptoms like increased heart rate, faster breathing and a rise in blood pressure. Long-term exposure to stress leads to the secretion of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol and thereby impede the function of the immune system. Therefore to maintain a state of balance, it becomes critical to activate parasympathetic nerves. By activating the various points of parasympathetic nerves, the device restores relaxation and balances autonomic nervous system, and indirectly enhances health.

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Specifications and features of Nirvana:

-The device features automatic head size adjustment that suits almost any head shape.

-A wide variety of rhythm and pressure applications that ensure to offer calmness with every massage.

-The user has the choice to choose among the four available modes :

1) Morning meditation mode

2) Vigour vitality mode

3) Relax and recover mode

4) Sound sleep mode

The product will be available to the public by October 2018, and for kickstart backers, the delivery of the product starts from August 2018. The device is expected to be priced at $298.


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