MarsCat: World’s first Bionic Autonomous Pet Cat with Endless Possibilities

Meet MarsCat, the world’s first bionic pet cat developed by elephant robotics. The robotic cat mimics a real cat in its nature and makes for a wonderful companion. Similar to the real cat, MarsCat can feel your touch, hear your voice, play with toys, and can even play with a real cat. It is an ideal choice for education, e-commerce, and Research. Developed by China’s Elephant Robotics, the MarsCat is part of the Kickstarter Campaign. The project has been quite a success as it has surpassed the set goal of $20,000. Let’s delve into the specifications and features of the Robotic cat.

MarsCat: Autonomous Bionic Pet Cat Packs Exciting Features


MarsCat packs some exciting electronics under its hood that include a depth-sensing laser, nose-mounted camera, a speaker, a microphone. Besides, it includes six capacitive touch sensors and a powerful quad-core Raspberry Pi microprocessor. The device is open source so that the interested developers can tweak and share new hardware and software hacks. The robotic cat is equipped with a powerful battery that can last for three hours for active reactions and up to six hours for regular motions.

The bionic pet cat is equipped with 16 servo motors to make it more Bionic. It can perform many functions similar to normal cat-like walking, running, sitting, stretching. It can also do hopping and even buries litter, although it does not produce any! The cat also expresses different emotions by different meows or by gestures. Every MarsCat is unique, starting from the eyes, body, and even personality. You can even pet it and shape its characters in its way. You need not worry about privacy as all the data gets stored offline.

MarsCat: How to Pre-Order MarsCat Bionic Pet Cat?

In case you are interested and wanted to pre-order one, you can head over to the Campaign page on Kickstarter. A pledge of $649 gets you one MarsCat after the start of production. If you pledge $699, you would get one MarsCat and can also avail a 46% discount on gifts designed with MarsCat. Once the production starts, Elephant Robotics would ship the robotic cat to anywhere in the world. The MarsCat is expected to be delivered from May 2020.

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