Glowstone Self-heating Smart Mug Keeps Hot Drinks at the Ideal Temperature

Tea or coffee tastes best when the temperature stays at 60-65 degrees celsius. Most of the time, we tend to sip the coffee/tea either in lukewarm or cold conditions. Glowstone self-heating smart mug has come up with a solution that keeps your coffee or drinks at an ideal temperature right down to the last sip or after 30 minutes. Wondering how! Let’s check in the complete details of the Glowstone smart mug. It is quite easy to use and designed to use with all popular coffee machines, cafeterias, and kettles. The self-heating Mug is handcrafted in England by Fine Bone china, combining the latest technology and the finest materials. The UK-based Glowstone has earlier developed 900 lumen rugged flashlight.

Product Design:

The Glowstone mug has been designed by its inventor Thomas Gostelow. The final refined version is the outcome of 18 months of dedicated effort from its makers. The product design deserves applause as all the complex technical stuff is carefully stuffed in the solid base. The 22mm deep recess within the base constitutes the core portion of the Glowstone smart mug. Within the space, there are two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, a heater, a film thermistor, a wireless power receiver, and other sensors. The smart Mug is available in three colour variants that include Stone, Pink, and Blue colours.


How does the Glowstone Smart Heating Mug function?

The operation of the self-heating Mug is completely automatic. Whenever a hot beverage like coffee or tea is poured in the Mug, it operates by two modes. When the temperature of the beverage is above 65 °C, the Mug waits until the temperature drops to 65 °C before turning on the heater. Similarly, when the temperature of the beverage is below 65 °C, the heater gets automatically turned on. 

Features of the Glowstone’s Self-Heating Mug

The Glowstone’s smart Mug packs exciting features under the hood. It has a cool base that prevents damage to delicate surfaces. The important features of the Smart Mug include:

Automatic Switch off:

The operation of the self-heating Mug is entirely automated. It gets switched off after the last sip, and one can see the light go off.

Dishwasher Proof:

The Glowstone self-heating smart mug looks like a normal mug and can be placed in the dishwasher upside down.

Wireless Charging: 

The self-heating smart Mug supports wireless charging and can be easily charged using a stylish Qi Coaster. It comes with a micro USB and a power adaptor and is quite easy to charge. It can also charge other devices such as smartphones.

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 How to buy Glowstone Self-Heating Smart Mug Online?

The Glowstone Smart Mug is a part of the Kickstarter campaign and is a running success. A total of 204 backers supported the campaign, which succeeded in raising £36,925, and brought the project to life. Interested buyers can get it from the official website.


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