Game-changing Glowstone 900 Lumens flashlight likely to end traditional flashlights

Glowstone flashlight is a new versatile, durable, rugged and is set to replace the traditional flashlights. The flashlight fits well within the pocket and comes with a plethora of applications. The game-changing  900 lumens Glowstone flashlight has an outer silicone case of 60 shore hardness and is ATEX rated design making it, heatproof, shockproof and also gasproof. That means even if you drop from heights, throw it against the wall, or stomp on it, the flashlight functions normally It is also IP69X rated making it waterproof and can be operated even under 30-meters beneath the water. Be it for outdoor activity, camping, bicycle light, the flashlight does its job quite well.

What’s more, the Glowstone flashlight delivers a maximum of 900 lumens which is little less than the intensity of the car’s headlight. Now bid adieu to the traditional flashlights that come with batteries, the new Glowstone flashlight supports the latest Qi wireless charging. All you need to do is to connect the USB of the charging pad to the laptop and place the flashlight on the wireless charging pad. Initially, it blinks red indicating that it is charging and later it turns green when it is fully charged. The charging pad also comes in handy to charge mobile devices other wirelessly powered devices.


As far as the battery life is concerned, the Glowstone 900 lumens flashlight has a maximum battery life of 32 hours. But when operated under boost mode(900 lumens), the battery lasts for one hour

Operation of Glowstone 900 Lumens Flashlight

The developers have designed the flashlight in such a way that it is as simple as turning the switch. With the help of a single button, you can switch between 8 different modes by variable presses. If you wanted to turn off the flashlight, just press and hold the middle button for 1 sec.

Features of the 900 Lumens Glowstone Flashlight

  • The Glowstone flashlight is pocket-sized measuring 68X51X13mm and weighs 75 grams. Owing to its light-weighted nature, it can be easily reviewed.
  • Its nano-suction pad allows attaching it to any surface via its nano-suction technology.
  • Its simple design makes it easier to operate on a wide range of accessories like tripods, seat belts, clips, clamps, Go Pro mounts and so on.

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Currently, the Glowstone flashlight is on the Kickstarter campaign looking for backers. But it has already exceeded its funding goal and is expected to initiate deliveries worldwide in 2019. The pledge level for backers on the lumen Kickstarter campaign range from £22 to  £45.


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