Reusable Coffee cups with Contactless Chip (bPay) lets you Pay for your Coffee

The UK coffee cup chain has come up with a unique to address the wastage problem of coffee cups. Every year, billions are coffee cups are getting piled without any use. It is learned that only one percent of the billion cups are being recycled. Now Costa has announced its plans to sell the reusable coffee cups dubbed “clever cup.” The cups come with a removable chip and can be used to make payments via NFC chip. The new technology not only lets you enjoy a sip of coffee but also contribute a part to save the planet.

Costa Reusable Coffee Cups: Complete Details

The Costa has entered an exclusive partnership with Barclays to facilitate contactless payment technology. Barclays, with the help of bPay, lets you recharge Clever Cup with up to  £15 at a time. Add to it, 25p discount you get when you bring your cup is a delight for coffee lovers. So, the next time you need not worry about carrying a wallet along with you. bPay has been instrumental in bringing contactless technology to devices such as wearables and sunglasses.


What is bPay?

bPay is a contactless payment technology for fast and secure purchases. Choose your desired bPay device, be it a wristband, watch, keys, or for instance, anything. Just link your debit/credit card with the device. Further, integrate with bPay mobile with a contactless device for instant top-ups. Using bPay, you can make purchases amounting to £30 and lower. You can track your spendings using a detailed activity tracker whenever you need it. Also, If you accidentally happen to lose the device, you can instantly block it. The device comes with a validity of two years, and after which, you need to purchase a new device.

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The detachable contactless chip allows for hassle-free payments at places where NFC payments are accepted. It is a great initiative as it would encourage people to pick up reusable cups in place of displaceable alternatives. Also, the polyethylene employed to make the cups waterproof is also known to make the recycling quite challenging. Coming to the availability and pricing, the “Clever Cup” is ought to go on sale in Costa stores from late November and would be priced £14.99.


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