Gas free pocket-sized camping stove (Ember) for stress-free outdoor cooking

Meet, Ember the world’s most beautiful gas-free pocket-sized camping stove with a fire vortex. The new stove is the brainchild of Singapore based designers and it is now on the Kickstarter campaign looking for backers. If you are planning to venture outdoors, cooking your favourite meal can be a daunting task. Apart from the regular gear, you need to include a gas canister for the cooking needs. Although there is other high-tech gear now available for cooking, they come with multiple assortments. It is where Ember stands above the rest. poa simple two-piece set up, you can now employ it anywhere in just a few seconds.

What’s more!  It is completely gas-free and hence you can ditch your gas canister. Even though the device appears to be small, it generates an intense vortex of flames for faster cooking. All you need to have is a handful of twigs to begin cooking your favourite meal. Without any further ado, let’s explore the build-up and complete details of the stove.

Gas free pocket-sized camping stove (Ember) for stress-free outdoor cooking
Ember Camping Stove

Complete Details of the Gas Free Pocket-Sized Camping Stove (Ember):

-Ember is made of 304 stainless steel and measures 10 cms in diameter and has a height of 3.5m.

-It features an ultra-efficient vortex chamber with a specially designed air-vents that facilitates airflow even at higher temperatures.

-Inside the gas-free pocket-sized camping stove features a detachable upper compartment that can be easily attached at the top.

-The pocket-sized camping stove flaunts a 3-pronged cooking platform with a 3-pronged elevation as such facilitates easy fit of any utensil and also offers stability.

-The vortex chamber allows for a more efficient vortex flame, leading to complete burn and hence less smoke.

-It’s long-lasting vortex flames warrants only a limited quantity of fuel supply.

-The stove is very easy to clean with soap, water, and a sponge.

-Coming to the durability, it is extremely strong, resistant to high temperature and lasts long.

The Mechanism Behind the Working of Ember:

The creators behind this device happened to try a multitude of designs before finalising with this design. The precisely designed air vents play a critical role in the creation of long-lasting vortex flame. Similar to the other bio-fueled stoves cool enters from the bottom of the stove. During its journey to the upper base, some of the air enters through the chambers inside the walls. When the air reaches the upper level, vents push the air across the flames to create a fire vortex. Then the vortex concentrates the heat on to the cooking platform.

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The creators of the Ember camping stove are now looking for backers to make it a reality.  Early pledges of $89 are currently available. If the crowdfunding campaign meets its goal of $14,593, the team is hoping to ship the stoves in September 2019. The campaign seems to be running successfully having already collected $10,167 of its set goal and with still 18 days left for the campaign, it is sure to reach its target.


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