Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Prototype Leaked in Live Image: Report

Samsung is touted to launch four variants of Galaxy S10 this year, with one variant is ought to come with 5G support. Adding weight to the info, we might have just witnessed the Samsung Galaxy 5G prototype in the latest leaked live image. If you look at the past history of the Samsung S series line up, none of them possessed an exciting feature. In line with the rumors, Samsung used to launch its flagship models with minor upgrades.


But the scenario seems to be changing now as Samsung has earlier announced that it would equip the new Galaxy S10 with the new infinity-O-display panels. The new display would cover the entire surface of the phone’s front side with minor bezels at the top and bottom and hole at the top for the front cameras. Now a first live leak emerged thanks to Ice_Universe that claims the gadget under test is a 5G Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

There are enough credentials that add weight to the live image. From the image, it appears there is a camera cutout on the top right corner of the gadget. So, the users can just hide it with a thumb when they don’t want it while watching multimedia during portrait mode. This is in contrast to the evidence of Infinity-O- displays where it places the camera cut out on the top left corner of the phone.

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Further, only a rumored 5G variant from the company is the Samsung Galaxy S10 variant. So, if you combine both the display and 5G criteria it strongly indicates the device to be the Samsung Galaxy S10 variant. Nevertheless, we would advise you to take the information with a pinch of salt.


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