Samsung, LG “Cloud Top” Screens Turn Phones into PCs

Samsung Electronics and LG electronics are all set to showcase new concept monitor devices called Cloud Top.  Cloud Top devices allow users to leverage the computing power on smartphones. The Cloud Top devices are dumb tablets that do not have processing power on their own. These devices connect to a phone and transform them into a desktop or tablet. Some of the tasks like video editing or video editing are not that easy to carry on a small screen. Under such circumstances, the devices offer convenience to the users to carry out such activities on the large screens.

Samsung, LG "Cloud Top" Screens Turn Phones into PCs and Sport Massive B atteries
Samsung Dexbook

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How does the Cloud Top Devices function?

The tablets with dumb terminals simply offer an external display, a keyboard, and a touchpad for smartphones. However, the Cloud Top devices are slightly different as compared to the traditional dumb tablets. They are more like portable screens, but without keyboards and offer large screen space as the size of the phablet. They can be easily connected to the phone wirelessly or via cable.

Samsung’s Version of Cloud Top device would be called Dexbook and arrives with a 14-inch Full HD resolution. Besides, the device would be lighter and weigh less than a kilogram. It also comes with a massive 10,000mAh battery capacity. On the other side, LG’s version of Cloud Top so far does not bear any name, and it would weigh about 600 grams. It would have the same size as the Samsung version but would come with only 5,000 mAh battery.

Expected Price of the Cloud Top Screens

Both Samsung and LG Cloud Top Screens are said to be available in the premium price bracket. The devices are expected to be priced at around $340, which is costlier than the available portable displays. Further, these devices ditch the keyboard, and as such, they cannot be used as an Android desktop. Considering the above factors, it is highly difficult to justify its premium price tag. Google has earlier introduced desktop mode to Android 10 earlier, and it was not well received. It would be interesting to see how the new Cloud Top Screens succeed in garnering the attention of smartphone users.


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