Samsung Shipped More than 6.7 Million 5G devices in 2019 Surpassing Expectations

Samsung has announced that it has shipped more than 6.7 million 5G devices in 2019 globally. The company accounted for nearly 54% of global 5G smartphone shipments in 2019. The numbers sure exceeded the market expectations as the company was able to sell merely 2 million 5G smartphones at IFA 2019. It is expected to sell 4 million 5G devices by the end of 2019. The tech-giant holds the distinction of having launched the first 5G smartphone in the world, i.e., Galaxy S10 5G. The company so far has been offering four 5G devices in its portfolio besides Galaxy S10 5G. The devices include Note 10 5G, Note 10+ 5G, and also its recent offerings Galaxy A90 5G and Galaxy Fold 5G.



Samsung would also launch Galaxy Tab S6 5G in Korea in 2020, which is touted to be the first 5G tablet in the world. The smartphone market is set to experience increased adoption of 5G network. With more carriers supporting 5G network in 2020, many OEMs are expected to roll out their flagship 5G devices. Samsung does not want to stay behind the race and we can witness the launch of new 5G smartphones, chips, and other network equipment. In 2019, the company has active collaborations with global carrier partners to expand 5G networks. It provided network equipment to the World’s first commercial 5G service in India.

Samsung shipped more than 6.7m 5G devices in 2019

Samsung Would Launch More 5G devices in 2020

Neil Shah, VP Research at Counterpoint opined that although the 5G smartphones contributed only 1% of global smartphone sales in 2019, the scenario is set to change. The Year 2020 would be the breakout year and the share of 5G smartphones are poised to increase to 18% of the global smartphone sales. The company is expected to launch more 5G smartphones this year. The company also announced that it will introduce new advancements this year that would take the speed, performance and security of Galaxy 5G devices a notch higher.


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