Coronavirus “Close Contact Detection App” alerts Users to Stay Away From Infected Patients

The Coronavirus outbreak is surging at a rapid pace, and as such, the death toll surpassed more than 1000 in China. Still, there seem to more than 40,000 confirmed cases in the country. In a bid to check the rapid spread of the novel Coronavirus epidemic, the government has launched an app dubbed Coronavirus Close Contact Detection app. As the name implies, the app alerts the users to check whether they are close proximity to the infected individuals. The General Office of State Council developed the app, National Health Commission, and China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC). There are no clear details about the functioning of the app, but the app seems to alert people when they come in close contact with the probable contacts. On the other hand, active research is in place to develop a vaccine for the deadly CoViD-19 virus. In one of the research

, the Snakes have been found to be the main culprit (source) of Coronavirus. 

How does the Coronavirus Close Contact Detection app Function?

The Chinese government did not reveal the exact mechanism by which the app operates nor did explain how the app determines the risk of exposure. After downloading the app, the user needs to scan a QR code using mobile apps like Ali Pay, WeChat or QQ. Then the user needs to enter the mobile number and the government ID number. He would then be able to check the status of three other ID numbers. As per the reports, the Close Contact Detector app seems to have received the approval from the Ministry of Transport, China Railway and Civil Aviation Administration of China.

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The “Close Contact Detection app” alerts the users if they come in contact with people with confirmed, mild or suspected cases. The “Close contact” refers to people working together, passengers or crew members travelling together in a plane or train.  In case of flight, the passengers staying in the same row as well as who stay three rows in front and back of the contact seat, flight attendants who offer the cabin services are considered to be Close contact. On the other hand, the other passengers in the flight are deemed to be in general contact. There have been privacy concerns related to the app, as one needs to input the government ID. However, the Chinese government has decided to implement the app seeing the bigger picture of the Coronavirus epidemic.


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