Nebia Spa Shower- Saves 45% Water than Regular Shower Heads and Offer Blissful Experience

Nebia in Collaboration with Moen has designed a luxurious showerhead (Nebia Spa Shower), that promises to save 45% of water than regular showerheads. Currently, Nebia by Moen is a part of the Kickstarter campaign and has received tremendous responses from the backers. At the time of writing, the Kickstarter project has amassed $15,33,413 as opposed to its campaign goal of $1,50,000. It is backed by 6685 backers and had accumulated 10 times its set goal. With a few days, still left for the campaign, expect more pledges in the coming days. 

Nebia by Moen Showerhead atomises water for Maximum Coverage

The earth’s population is increasing by every passing day and bringing in increasing demand for water supply. On the contrary, water resources around the globe are dwindling at a rapid pace. Hence, the new focus has now been on innovation to ensure the sustainability of water for the coming generations. Among the many home topwater consumers, showers play a significant role. 

The Nebia showerhead looks stunning thanks to its design aspects. The showerhead employs atomization technology, wherein the showerhead uses air to atomise water molecules into tiny droplets. The patented atomisation technology by Nebia and offers twice the more coverage than the conventional showerheads. Hence, one can feel more utilisation of water, but in the actual scenario, it is not.


Installation of the Nebia Spa Shower 

The installation of the Nebia Spa Shower is very easy and takes not less than 15 minutes. The Nebia by Moen shower head is available in three colour variants such as spot resistant nickel, white and chrome, and Matte Black. Just unscrew your current showerhead and neck pipe and fit in Nebia, then stick the sliding arm and magnetic dock around the wall and you are good to go. It can be installed easily without the need for any complex plumbing tools. 

Nebia Ensures Hottest Showers and Accounts for a Blissful Spa Shower Experience

The makers ensured the best thermal performance of the showerhead by a proper combination of droplet velocity, spray pattern and droplet size. As compared to the traditional ones, the droplets of Nebia are 61% more in mass and has a higher ability to retain heat. Also, the Nebia sprays with 4X more precise than the standard showers. 

Unlike the traditional shower heads which employ flow regulators, the Nebia by Moen employs pressure regulator. Hence, it makes sure to deliver a perfect spray array all the time. As the droplets are smaller, they create an immersive spa-like sensation. They travel much faster than the traditional showers and offer more rinsing power per unit of water. The Nebia also comes with a  wand that helps to reach hard to rinse areas and can be placed on a magnetic dock. 

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Pricing and Availability of the Nebia Shower Head

The Nebia by Moen will retail at $199 soon after its launch. As of now, it is available for a reduced price of $160 on the Kickstarter campaign for the showerhead. In case, if you wanted to opt for Moen combo (the showerhead with wand), you need to shell out $199. The company says that the price is $70 less than the actual retail price. The company starts shipping the Nebia by Moen showerheads to early backers across the world in March 2020. Nebia Spa Shower

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