Genesys Camping Cookstove Generates Electricity from Waste and Charges Smartphones

Meet Genesys- the smokeless camping cookstove that generates electricity from heat energy and powers USB devices. The portable Camping cookstove is the brainchild of Nigerian Inventor and Entrepreneur, Max Chinniah, and his Ghanian Counterpart Godwin Attigah. The smokeless cookstove can ease the burden of cooking for African dwellers. The camping stove also comes as a handy companion for camping enthusiasts. The Genesys also won $10000 at the Global Health Innovation Conference of Yale University. Currently, it is part of the Kickstarter campaign and is up for mass production once it achieves the campaign goal of $10,000. The Kickstarter project looks promising though and is in line to reach its pledged goal. The early bird pledges start from $119 and it is expected to retail at $249. The global shipment of Genesys Camping Cookstove to the backers would commence from September 2020.


Specifications and Features of the Genesys Camping Cookstove

The advanced patented cooking and heating stove looks quite simple in its design and is not bulky. It weighs only 2.3kgs and is portable so that you can easily carry it around. The stove fits easily within the backpack and campers can carry along with them without any hassle. The Genesys is built with a multi-purpose cooktop and is compatible with all the cookware. The cookstove is capable of burning a wide array of fuel sources such as fuelwood, charcoal, twigs, and more.

Genesys Camping Cookstove

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How does Genesys Cookstove Generate Electricity?

The inner heat chamber is insulated from the outer chamber, and hence it remains cold. The heat generated during burning and the coolness of the outer chamber drives the thermoelectric generators to produce electricity by convection process. In this way, the cooktop can output 10watts of power through the USB ports, present at the bottom of the cooktop. The generated electricity is enough to power a smartphone, headlamp, mini-fridge, and more. The Genesys Camping cookstove is also equipped with fans on the sides, which supply air to the burn chamber and thereby reduces the smoke. Once finished, just wait for the cooktop to cool, and then you need to empty the ash cup present at the bottom.


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