Manara-Smart Intuitive and Minimalistic Desk Lamp Responds to Gesture and Touch

Smart is the mantra for millennials these days! Many are now looking for options that bring smart technology to ease their day to day activities. Manara is a modern and intuitive smart desk lamp fitted with intelligent sensors making it the lamp of the future. Project 57, an Australian startup, has shared its first project on the Kickstarter campaign. The Manara lamp is not like any other ordinary lamp; it is created as a thin curved arc and has a hollow space in it to fit any decor. The lamp is very thin and lightweight, and you can easily carry around from place to place. As it is an LED lamp, the Manara is also energy efficient and saves as much as 75% energy.

Manara smart Desk Lamp

How does Manara Smart Desk Lamp operate?

The Manara Smart Desk Lamp has multiple embedded sensors that enhance the functionality of the lamp. Let’s take a look at them:

Motion sensors:

The lamp features embedded IR motion sensors on the top of the lamp, and they stay turned on when you are in the room. These lights automatically respond to room temperature and lightning behaving accordingly. When you step out of the room, the sensors detect, and automatically, the lamp goes to sleep mode.


One can change the brightness using the Touch-sensitive pads that are fitted on the top. Further, with gradient color selection, one can get a wide spectrum of colour options. There are also light sensors that remain hidden inside the desk lamp frame.

Sound Sensors:

When you take a look at the bottom portion of the lamp, it features a platform with a base. The platform features embedded sound sensors that respond to sounds that are played around it. For instance, in the case of movies, gaming, and others, the Manara desk lamp responds accordingly.

Two-way Control of Manara Smart Desk Lamp

One can control the Manara desk lamp by two modes; one is touch-sensitive technology an the other through gesture recognition. Manara tracks the direction of the swap and behaves accordingly.

Swipe left: Turn on
Swipe right: Turn off
Up swipe: Smart mode
Down swipe: Adjusts colour/brightness to gradient lighting condition

Besides the touch-sensitive technology also used to change the direction of the light source. Manara’s LEDs utilize Full-spectrum of colours and lets you choose any colour from a wide range of options.

Smart Mode:

The right amount of colour temperature at the right time and ensures well being and mental health.

Clap Mode:

The lamp also responds to user claps and responds accordingly. For instance, a user can Double Clap to turn it off. There is also a customizable option to add additional functions for the Clapping feature.

Manara APP

The company has also developed a Manara app, wherein the users can leverage the full functionality of the lamp from the smartphone itself. The app is available on both Google Play and the App Store. The lamp utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 technology for communication.

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Notifications by light:

The smart desk lamp also play animations in response to phone calls, messages or any other notifications

Routines Feature:

There is also a “Routines feature” to select preset moods and set the preferred time. The lamp then hovers and behaves as per the preset selection of the user.

Mood presets Library:

It contains multiple modes like sleep, study, gaming, Music. Mood Presets promotes and enhances different mindsets and feelings.


Pledges are available starting from $280 on Kickstarter. The worldwide shipping is expected to happen from Nov 2020.


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