Glamos Creates Virtual Touchscreen Interface for any Display using LiDAR technology

Glamos creates a virtual touch screen interface between you and your device and lets you control the device using hand gestures. It does this so by making use of a rotating mirror module present in the device. Unlike a camera, the rotating mirror module operates at 40hz or 40fps meaning it can capture your hand movement 40 times per second. The Glamos offers limitless possibilities to the users and is a wonderful replacement for large screen displays. Be it a presentation, gaming, watching television, Glamos allows you to control your device remotely. Currently, the Glamos is a part of the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

Glamos-A Pocket-friendly device with Endless Possibilities

Glamos brings endless possibilities to the fore! The device is built using LiDAR technology and comes in handy for day to day activities. For instance, one can turn into a magic presenter during meetings in their office and can click, slide and zoom from a distance. Connect the device to mobile and play games on the virtual screen for an amazing experience. There is no more hassle of searching for the TV remote as Gamos lets you operate your television from a distance. Caught up in cooking/eating, you no need to operate your mobile with your messy hands. Connect a Glamos and you can remotely answer calls, scroll your devices, play/ pause videos and many more.


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How does Glamos Operate?

Designed by an Ex-Samsung designer, Glamos is a small pocket-friendly device and can be used on the go. It can be employed on any of your existing devices using a plug and play Bluetooth connection. Just connect it to any of your devices, and Glamos creates a virtual touch screen interface within no time. It measures the distance between itself and the object and creates a virtual touch screen as large as 6X3ft. Users can control the touch screen from a radius of around 1m/3ft. Glamos is composed of motion recognition software, a distance measurement sensor, and a rotating mirror module and transfers the data on to the touch screen through the Bluetooth.

The Glamos is available for $119 as part of Early Bird Pledge on Kickstarter. The device is expected to enter into mass production by May 2020.



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