Flypack- Lightweight Business Travel Briefcase is the Solution for Frequent Travellers: Kickstarter

Are you tired of carrying bulky bags for your business travel? Venque has a solution in store for you! The company’s latest Flypack is tailor-made and acts as a perfect companion to pack for your trip. The Flypack- lightweight business travel briefcase is versatile and can be used as per the need. Flypack serves multiple roles and easily converts to backpack, briefcase and travel bag when needed. The product is also environmentally friendly, sustainable and made up of recycled yarns.

Flypack- Lightweight Business Travel Briefcase: Kickstarter
Flypack Travel Briefcase

Flypack holds enough supplies that are needed for 48-hour business travel. It was launched via Kickstarter campaign and witnessed tremendous response from the backers. The crowdfunding campaign was tremendous and easily surpassed the pledged goal of $20,000.  The campaign raked in a whopping $57,017  ably supported by 338 backers. The travel packs loads of exciting features under its hood. Let’s have a brief look at what the versatile bag offers;


Specifications and Features of the Flypack- lightweight business travel briefcase

-Venque’s style pack converts into three different styles based on the needs.

-The bag is made of nylon fabric and ensures high flexibility during various movements.

-It is made of eco-friendly fabric and is waterproof, dustproof and cutproof.

-It has 15 features and accommodates a 13″ to 17″ laptop, electronics, cables, any size iPad, Magazine or for that case anything you need.

-The bag is also posture-friendly eliminating the occurrence of any back pain complications.

-When opened, Flyback opens into two main sections. One of the compartment offers space for clothing that is enough for two days. The other compartment houses two waterproof toiletry pockets that are waterproof.

-The inner side of the bag offers enough space to fit in all the electronic supplies; be it a laptop, cables, headphones, USB, accessories and more.

-The bag can be easily attached to any luggage and can be converted into a carry-on. Further, it meets the size requirements of any flights in the world.

-A dedicated and easily accessible compartment to hold the passports.

-The entire bag is secured with well known world-class YKK Zippers.

-Venque offers a comprehensive 10-years warranty on the product. Also, with a 100% money-back guarantee, you have the option to return it if you are not satisfied.

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Pricing and Availability

Flypack is now available for pre-order and is priced at $115. Venque will start worldwide shipping of the product from March 2019.



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