Brezze rental Power Banks offer the solution to your phone battery depletion: CES 2019

There has been a visible spike in the usage of smartphones these days owing to the affordable models and also due to cheap data plans. As a result, battery depletion is the most common problem arising due to frequent mobile usage. Further, it is not convenient to carry the bulky power banks along with you all the time. The Singapore startup Shareeasy has come up with an innovative solution i.e Brezze rental Power Banks. It has started a business to rent power banks to users around the world. The power bank is said to be tamper proof and hack-proof, and there are no visible screws for opening it. The power banks come with CE, FCC, and CB safety certifications.

About Brezze power banks

The company has established Brezze docs at various convenient public places around the city. You need to download the Brezze app from Google Play or the App store. Whenever in need of a power bank, just tap the app and you will be directed to the nearest Brezze station. The Brezze machine contains docs equipped with fully charged power banks that are available with cables suitable for both Android and Apple (USB, microUSB and Type-C).


You only needed to scan the QR code present on the Brezze, and the Power bank slides out from the doc for use. You can make the payments via credit card; also the company is offering a family account which can be used by up to 5 members. This allows you to pay for your kid’s usage through your account. Also, you get notified whenever the kids use the service. When you are done charging you can return the power bank to any of the nearest Brezze stations near you. You can just slide the power bank in the port and you are done.

Pricing and Availability

The first 30 minutes of charging is completely free, and after that, the company charges 40 Singaporean cents per hour. If you happen to lose the power bank by accident, then you have to shell out $30 in losses. For heavy users, who happen to run out the battery frequently there is also an unlimited annual recharge pack for $15.

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The company is also offering a partnership programme for the businesses who partner with Share easy. It is wooing the businesses by offering amazing perks and benefits. It is offering free marketing and advertising for a limited period, no setup fees and no customer liability for its partners. The Brezze system is currently available in various countries that include Malaysia, Japan, Russia, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Italy and Spain.


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