Kaleido-Portable Screenless PC with Integrated Keyboard and Projector

Meet Kaleido-A full-fledged portable screenless PC and can be easily carried around. It was designed by Chinese Company Hefei LCFC and is said to available globally. The Kaleido is an amalgamation of innovation and technology to the core. The device is foldable, and it looks just like a normal water bottle when completely folded. Kaleido is also the recipient of the iF (International Forum Design) Design award 2020.

Specifications and Features of the Kaleido Portable Screenless PC


As indicated by its name, the Kaleido does not feature any screen. That said, it has an integrated projector that can turn any surface into a display. There is a lens cover above the projector that assist in altering the direction of the light without moving it. Design-wise, the Kaleido looks like a folded prism/triangle and you can carry in one hand. With an integrated speaker and mic, the Kaleido can be used as a video conferencing PC.

The Kaleido Portable screenless PC also features an integrated keyboard; it can be opened completely and stays flat on the surface when the device is not in use. In instances of usage, the keyboard extends outward. Besides, the device features three ports at the bottom, out of which two are USB-B, and one is a USB-A port. One of the ports can also be used for video output to an external computer.

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Pricing and Availability

As of now, there is no info when it comes to the probable price and availability of the Kaleido portable PC. The iF World Design Guide page did mention the probable launch of the device in 2020, but there is no mention of any specific date. Also, the page also mentioned the Target Regions as Africa, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, North America, and South America.


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