Google Call Screen Feature now Available for Pixel Smartphones; Everything You Need to Know

Google has started rolling out a feature dubbed “Call screen” to the pixel smartphone users. The new feature allows users to make use of the Google Assistant and lets users know the name and intention of the caller before they can answer the call. The feature comes in handy to filter out the spammy and other calls that you do not intend to answer. Currently, Google is rolling out the call screen feature to the users in the United States owning the Pixel 2, 2XL, 3 or 3XL devices.

How does the Google Call Screen Feature function?

-The call screen feature works with the help of Google Assistant. It can be activated by clicking the screen call option that appears when someone is calling you.


-Google Assistant then prompts the user to know the intention behind calling the pixel owner. The live transcriptions answered by the caller would be visible to the owner.

-Depending on the prominence of the call, the owner can then decide whether to answer the call or to abort it

-The quality of transcripts varies from call to call. Also, you get the option to provide feedback with regard to the quality of the transcription.

-Further, the call screen feature does not require any mobile data or Wi-Fi for its function. In this way, the feature assists you to ward off unwanted calls thereby saving a considerable amount of time to the user.

Google also mentions that the feature does not work in combination with another third-party call recording and screen recording as they may interfere with the proper functioning of the feature. So, Google suggests to turn off the apps before using the feature.

-Also, sometimes the call screen may not properly understand the caller. In that situation, the pixel user needs to tap ” I can’t understand” and the call screen will prompt the caller to repeat the answer.

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Currently, the phones supporting call screen feature does not save the transcripts of the call. But, it is expected Google to roll out the storage feature shortly.



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