Google launches Cameo, a video-based Q&A app aimed at celebs and public figures

Google launches Cameo, a video based Q&A app aimed at celebs and public figures
Google Cameos app

Google has today launched a new video base Q&A app dubbed Cameos on App store aimed at celebs and public figures. The app allows users to answer questions themselves and share those answers directly on Google

searches. It is the celebrities and the public who are the subject of various questions in the Google searches. Currently, the answers to the people’s searches are answered mostly by third-party websites. But now with Cameo celebrities can themselves answer the user’s queries directly and hence adds authenticity to the answers.

The feature is touted to be the extension of Posts on Google feature that has constantly been rolling out for quite some time now. Initially, the posts on Google was made available only to a few celebrities, sports teams, music studios. But later the feature has been extended to businesses allowing them to share the upcoming schedule and events on Google search. Now the Google on Posts is made available for musicians. Those who have the invite would be able to post text, images, videos, GIF,  events and their likes to Google. This feature is thought as the twitter version of Google.

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Here’s how Google Cameos operate?

The app offers the celebrities to pick top questions of the choice, answer them and get it published directly in Google search results. What the celebs needed to do is just record video answers for the questions using iPhone’s camera and the results appear directly in search results and app. The Cameo’s video answers are most useful since they appear only on the search for a relevant question. Further, Google promises to add more questions for celebs to answer in the cameo app. The app is currently available for download only through invitation. Interested members can download it from the App store and request access.


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