AI tool for Live captions and subtitles in MS Powerpoint to be available soon; Here’s how it works

Microsoft has been taking a giant stride forward to bring more accessibility features in the workplace by leveraging Artificial intelligence (AI). The new tool which would be integrated into MS Powerpoint shortly would enable the audience to better understand the presentations. The AI-powered tool would translate and translate the information in the PowerPoint slides in real-time as subtitles and captions. It comes handy in situations where the audience is unable to hear the presenter or in cases where they speak a different language.

AI tool for Subtitles and Captions in MS Powerpoint: Details


The tool allows the audience to know what the speaker is talking about by reading the captions. The AI tool also offers the translation of the presenter’s speech into┬áthe desired language in real-time. Currently, the AI tool would support 12 spoken languages in to live captions and subtitles and display in any of the more than 80 languages. Also, the presenters would have the option to adjust the size, placement and appearance of the subtitles. Further, the speech recognition of AI tool adjusts to more accurate terminology based on context.

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Further, Microsoft believes AI would be a game-changer for persons with disabilities. According to it, only one in 10 people with disabilities have access to assistive technology tools. Microsoft believes the introduction of AI tool would, therefore, broaden the space. The AI advances in this space would enable people with hearing, vision, mobility and mental health disabilities to do more in human connection, employment, and modern life. The company says it will adopt the live captions and subtitles to Powerpoint in 2019. The feature would be available for Office 365 subscribers, using PowerPoint for Windows, Powerpoint for Mac, and Microsoft Powerpoint online.


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