Samsung Foldable Galaxy F would be limited edition targeting 40’s customers

Samsung is betting big on Foldable Galaxy F smartphone and Galaxy S10 to strengthen its position as a market leader. Now, news emerged regarding the much-awaited foldable smartphone Galaxy F. It is learned that the foldable smartphone would be a limited edition product and that only one million units are said to be produced. This is in contrast to Galaxy S1o where the initial production is 10 million units, and the mass production is expected to begin before the march.

The Samsung foldable Galaxy F would be a premium device, as such a normal person cannot afford it. The Galaxy F is rumoured to cost somewhere between $1900 and $2500. Hence its customers most probably would be the people in 40’s or middle-aged people, as it is quite difficult for youngsters to shell such a huge amount. The Galaxy F would be launched in March next year.


Sneak Peek into the Samsung Galaxy F Foldable smartphone

-The Galaxy F is the outcome of three years on intensive research and development integrating the most advanced technology.

-It is said to sport a 4.85-inch foldable which maximises as 7.3-inch tablet PC when opened.

-You can carry out all the normal functions just like any other smartphone-like messaging, notifications with the front display.

-But the USP lies is that the main display can divide the screen into three to simultaneously run three applications.

-For instance, If you are playing a game, the first screen relays the game, the game information will be displayed on the second screen and chat will be displayed below.

-So, as a result, the more battery would be needed to support the continuous running of three displays. Hence a cutting-edge technology would be implemented in the hardware itself.

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With its hefty price tag, Samsung Galaxy F is touted to create a premium image for the smartphone giant. Even though Samsung occupies the prime position in global manufacturing, but recently there has been a slump in the sales owing to the increased pressure from its Chinese rivals. So, the new Galaxy F and Galaxy S10 variants are expected to strengthen its position as a global leader.


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