Samsung Galaxy Note 9 catches fire inside woman’s purse: Report

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 catches fire inside women's purse: Report
Samsung Galaxy Note 9

In what appears to be a reminder of Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, a new incident surfaced wherein woman claims that her Galaxy Note 9 caught fire in her purse. The woman who goes by the name of Diane Chung is a long island resident and real estate agent filed a lawsuit against the Korean firm. If you remember Galaxy Note 7 has made an irreparable damage to the reputation of the company owing to the battery burning issues. After the incident, Samsung has issued a public apology and has dumped 2.5 million devices.

After the fiasco, Samsung released four new devices and assured its users that such incidents would never happen in the future. As per the report, the incident seems to take place on September 3 after midnight when Diane Chung was in the elevator of Bayside building. She noticed her phone became extremely hot and hence she dropped it into her purse. Soon she noticed whistling and screeching sound from her purse and was accompanied by thick smoke.


In a panic-driven state, she put the purse on the elevator floor and tried to empty the bag burning her fingers in the process. The smoke from the phone filled the elevator and reduced the visibility. This amplified her panic and she immediately dropped the phone and started pressing elevator buttons. Finally, after reaching the lobby, she kicked the phone out. The smoke didn’t subside until a good samaritan picked it up and dipped in the bucket of water.

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Recalling the incident, the woman claims that she was unable to contact the clients and also everything in her bag was ruined. She described the experience as “traumatic.” Diane Chung has filed a lawsuit against Samsung for an undisclosed amount for the damages and also restraining order to further prevent the sale of Galaxy Note 9 phones. According to Samsung representative, they did not receive any complaint in this regard. However, he said that they are investigating the matter.


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