Dynamic focussed sound system delivers high quality audio to each individual’s ear; maintains privacy in shared vehicle

This technology delivers high quality audio to each individual and maintains privacy in shared vehicle

SEAT, the car maker has partnered with Israeli firm Noveto to start testing a revolutionary new “Dynamic focussed sound system” technology in shared vehicles. The revolutionary new technology promises to deliver the sound to the passenger’s ear individually without interfering with fellow passengers. So, it allows each passenger to listen to a customised playlist thereby enhancing privacy in a shared vehicle.

It is a common scenario in a shared vehicle to listen to the audio, irrespective of individual tastes. But the new technology aims to overcome that and hence parents in the front seat, as well as kids in the back seat, can listen to the favourite audio tracks. And the driver can hear the navigation instructions or a personalised playlist, all this without any interference to other fellow passengers. Also, it eliminates the need to have headphones.


The main motive is to demonstrate that Noveto solution can be easily integrated into the production vehicle. Also, the team would be testing specific cases, wherein the driver can manage incoming calls, whereas others can listen to their personalised audio tracks. The new technology offers incredible scope for privately owned vehicles and especially in shared vehicles. Interestingly, the Israeli firm, Noveto has demonstrated the My Virtual headphones technology at CES, 2018 that succeeded in wirelessly focussing the sound to listeners ears.

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The new Project is a part of Xplora, an initiative aimed at identifying and promoting relations with the Israeli stakeholders. It would, in turn, would help explore opportunities for innovative solutions and business models for the SEAT. It is one of the 8 business opportunities that SEAT singled out last year with the Israeli tech firms.


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