AI-powered Google News app is now available on iOS


AI-powered Google News app is now available on iOS
Google News app

As announced earlier at the Google I/O developer conference the new AI-powered Google News app has gone live on App store. The New app replaces the already existing Google News on App store and is though to compete with Apple News app. The Google News app will be available to use on both iPhone and iPad in the App s tore. The app depends on the data that it already has about you coupled with artificial intelligence. Once you download the app and sign in to your Google account, the app displays the related topics and stories based on your related browsing preference. The algorithm breaks complex chunks of information into easily understandable formats that include chronological timelines, stories presented in a developing and evolving sequence.


The Google news app features four sections that include For You, Headlines, Favorites and Newsstand. For you displays the personalised top five stories based on your past reading trends and preferences. Along with it appears local news stories and algorithmically chosen articles. The next section features Headlines that is a quick way to go through the top news across various sections like Politics, Business, world, technology and health. Next comes the Full coverage section that allows users to view stories from a variety of sources including timelines and social media handles like Twitter and YouTube.

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There comes the last section called favorites that allows you to select your preferred news sources, store location and text-based searches for later viewing. Finally, Newsstand offers a magazine-like interface and allows you to subscribe to news organisations with a monthly subscription. These organisations in the app support Google AMP standard meaning the pages load faster smoothly without bouncing.


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