Google Pay is Now Available on iOS and Desktop Browsers

Google Pay, Google’s payment option will now be available on PC and iOS devices starting today. Until now, Google Pay was available only on Android devices. Whatsmore, it will be available on multiple browsers, so when you shop on browsers like Safari, Firefox, and Chrome, you will start seeing Google Pay as the payment option. Before Google Pay only Android pay and Google wallet were the options available.

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is the payment option from Google that lets you minimise your checkout time when you shop online or offline. You can use Google Pay to make a purchase across millions of places, be it online, stores and much more. Once you have entered your debit/credit card details and linked to your account, you no need to enter the payment information again while checking out. Further, if you are using chrome, then Google Pay automatically fills in all details like shipping address, billing, and payment info, this reduces the hassle to fill out forms. Google Pay has been thought of as an alternative to Apple pay, which has been available since 2016.


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So with Google Pay, you no longer needed to carry your wallet with you if you go shopping. You just needed to carry an Android phone with you. When you apply for a new card to the bank the details will be automatically updated in Google Pay. If your card is about to expire and if you have applied for a replacement card, the expiration date of the new card will also automatically update. Further, you will also get the reward points when you make payments using Google Pay. It also offers various promotional and exclusive offers with the app.


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