Google’s Messages Web App will no Longer Available on

In the latest move, Google is all set to shift the google messages web app from the hosted URL to The Android messages web app lets you control the SMS/MMS on your phone from another device. It is made possible by checking the homepage on the web via Now, the messages app would be available under new URL Although the transition is not immediate, it clearly shows Google is trying to rebrand its Android platform.

Android Messages Web App Will be Moved to

The incident came to light thanks to 9to5Google, which spotted the new code change discovered in Gerrits source code management. The code change is a way to indicate chrome books to shift from to It is the latest of attempts by Google in a way to distance itself from Android and rebrand itself that appears more universal and more which covers both Chrome OS and Android.

It is not the first instance where Google is avoiding the term Android. Ever since the launch of Pixel 3, Google has been taking proper care not to mention Android in any of the events. It even rebranded some of its Google Products; take the instance of Android Pay which has been rebranded to Google Pay. Rebranding Google wearable OS Android wear to wear OS, Google Allo, Google Duo and the likes.

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However, the shift of messages from to is not immediate and may take quite some time. Also, it is highly unlikely that that change to Chrome OS won’t arrive in chrome books until version 72 or 73.

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