Google’s Files Go hits 30 million users and it is now rebranded as Files by Google

Last Year, Google launched the Files Go app targetted for the smartphone users of three countries like India, Nigeria, and Brazil. Now exactly almost a year later the app has witnessed tremendous success and was now being used by more than 30 million users outside its target demographic. Hence, Google decided to rebrand the Files Go app to “Files by Google”.

What is Google Files Go App?

Files Go app has been touted to be the alternative to Apple’s Airdrop that lets you transfer files to nearby contact via Bluetooth¬†even without the internet connection. However, unlike Airdrop, both the sender and the receiver need to have the apps open to facilitate the transfer of the files. This is not the case with Airdrop, where the user can transfer files of any app to the other user even if he doesn’t have the app.


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Apart the app is also meant to manage files on devices with less storage offering suggestions to the users on what they can delete. In simple terms, it is intended to assist one to make most of the limited phone storage space. It is now found that the app has witnessed a global outreach and was used by almost all the users irrespective of the speed of the internet connection. Google in the latest development has also redesigned the user experience to ensure the main focus lies on the content of the mobile phone. Now you would be able to know the amount of space that was saved by clearing the files. Add to it, it also whether the freed up space is enough to take a few more selfies or download a whole movie and so on.

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