Google Teams Up with PRX for Google Podcast Creator Program

Podcasting has become the best way to listen to and share stories in the recent past. However, the future of podcasting depends on the diversity of voices, stories, and creators. While there are many podcasts available than before, but there is a visible imbalance in the podcast creators. Google podcast creator program aims to support the underrepresented voices in people and help people learn the ways to get into the podcasting medium. A major chunk of the world’s most popular podcasts hails from the western or urban areas. Women and people of colour are underrepresented as hosts in podcasting videos. To lend support to such people and make it easier to find and access podcasts for people around the world, Google

launched the podcasts app in June.

Google has partnered with media company PRX to launch the Google podcasts creator program. PRX has been a pioneer in podcasting space and it will lend its expertise to the podcasters in the program. The program is set to kick off in January 2019, but starting today through November 2018, the application window would stay globally open for the first round of the program. PRX would select teams for the program with the help of a Global advisory committee. The teams would be offered intensive training for 20 weeks, mentorship and seed funding.

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The Google Podcast creator program focusses on three pillars: empowering and training underrepresented voices, educating the global community with free tools and depicting the participant’s work as a model for others. Those who are interested in the program can apply on PRX’s Google Podcasts creator program website.


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