Google Assistant emerged as the Smartest Assistant in a recent study


Google Assistant emerged as the smartest Assistant followed by Cortana in a study
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Google Assistant emerged as the smartest Digital Assistant and outperformed other assistants in a recent study done by digital marketing agency Stone temple. Google assistant outclassed its rivals that involve Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri. The agency asked a total of 4,942 questions to each of the assistants to check the accuracy in answering the questions. The agency asked the questions to digital assistants of various device that include: Alexa, Cortana Invoke, Google Assistant on a smartphone, Google Assistant on Google Home and Siri.

Stone Temple did a similar study last year; wherein Google assistant reigned supreme. But this year even though Google Assistant stood the smartest the rivals have closed the gap and have made rapid progress compared to last year. There has been an intense rivalry among the digital assistants to establish their dominance, which is evidenced by the addition of new features

 day by day.

Stone temple laid a slew of parameters to the assistants for answering the identical questions. They involve assistant to answer the question verbally, followed by the verification of the source used by it to answer the question. They also noted the number of times the assistant failed to understand the question and lastly the frequency of wrong answers by the assistant. Of all assistants, Google stood first and answered attempted most of the questions accurately. Further Google assistant on the smartphone was found to perform better than the assistant on Google home.

Google Assistant was followed by Cortana in the second place, followed by Alexa in the third position. To the surprise of many, Siri occupied the last spot having tried to answer only 40% of the queries. However, there was a drastic improvement in the performance of other assistants compared to the previous year. For example, the percent of attempted answers of Alexa rose from 19.8% in the last year to 53% this year. The accuracy of Cortana improved to 92% from 86% recorded in the last year. It is evident from the study that the space among these assistants getting narrower in recent times.


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