Trash Robot allows you collect garbage from the river via internet

Trash Robot allows you collect garbage from river via internet
Trash Robot


A new Kickstarter project is on the way with the aim to raise $5000 for cleaning garbage in Chicago river. The project aims to clean the trash present in the river using a robot dubbed Trash Robot. Sounds awkward right? If you pledge $1000, then you can custom name the robot, and the name appears on the side of the boat as well as on the website. The project is a sort of interactive gaming where it allows the players to collect the garbage from the rivers via internet in real-time. Pledges start at $10, and you can pledge as high as $ 1000. You will be offered a reward based on the amount you pledge for the project. The project is the brainchild of Urban rivers, which has earlier created a floating garden on the river, but the project is plagued by floating waste.

About Trash Robot project:

The team behind the project has innovatively made trash collection as a game. Anyone can play the game by visiting the website. Similar to video game the machine invites players to take control of the machine and gifts points to the garbage they collect. The machine is equipped with cameras so that the user can have a complete view of what they are doing. Initially, the project is aimed to collect $5000 in funding and uses the money to plan to use it for the prototype development in version 2 (V.2). In V.2 the funding will be used to build a base station for unloading garbage, increased Wi-Fi range, GPS tracking and more robust design.

If the project collects more than $10000, then it will offer them to have one more robot, greater flexibility and more accessories attached to the robot. Further Urban rivers plan to make the project an open-source that encourages greater participation of the community to clean water around in the interest of wildlife.

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Risks associated with the project:

On the flipside, there are risks associated with the project such as Vandalism and software security. The team says that it will take necessary precautions to protect the device from malicious attacks. Further, there will be a safety tether as well as virtual GPS cage that limits its movement.


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