Swim with valuables hassle-free with these waterproof shorts sealed with magnets

Swim with valuables hassle-free with these waterproof shorts sealed with magnets
Aquanautica shorts

Aquanautica shorts are a pair of shorts contain waterproof pockets sealed with magnets and will keep your valuables safe when you go for a swim. Aquanautica shorts is the brainchild of Rishithornhill who paused his degree to get the socks made. He will be launching a new Kickstarter campaign with the aim to raise £10,000 that is needed to go production. As it is said “Necessity is the mother of invention” the same is the reason behind the creation of waterproof shorts. Earlier, we have reported regarding Siren’s smart socks that track foot injuries in diabetic patients and also ear-massaging acupressure device that reduces stress and anxiety.

The idea behind the creation of waterproof shorts:

The idea stemmed to Thornhill about five years ago when he was struggling to keep his valuables safe while travelling. In general, when we want to go for a swim, we keep our valuables safe on the beach. Thornhill also did the same and lost his valuables twice when he kept them on the beach. So, this made him think deeply to address the problem, and the idea kept on haunting him when he began the international degree at the University of Nottingham. Later as part of the course, when he went to Australia, the idea gained momentum. When his friends explained the potential of shorts which are used in many sports, then he thought of developing a possible waterproofing solution.


Initially, he focussed his attention on developing waterproof zips but was not fruitful. It was then he came across the magnets from Gooper magnetic. After having a conversation with the CEO of Israeli firm Gooper magnetic, he immediately signed the deal which he terms as the best decision he has ever made. The shorts employ neodymium magnets, said to be the strongest in the world. They are used to seal the pockets in place of traditional zippers. As the water level increases, these magnets seal the pockets even stronger.

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To demonstrate the ability of these pockets Thornhill himself ventured into swimming pools, lakes and rivers with the valuables kept in his pocket. Also, these shorts are even environmentally friendly and are made from recycled plastic bottles. These shorts employ hydrophobic technology and dry six times faster than the traditional shorts if splashed with water or even submerged.


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