Coronavirus Study: 44,000 Confirmed Cases Suggests Elderly, ill and Health Workers at High Risk

The Chinese health officials have published the first largest detailed study of the Coronavirus epidemic or the novel Covid-19. The study by (Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CCDC) throws light on many critical aspects. The Coronavirus study suggests the elderly, sick and health workers are at higher risk of contracting the disease. The fatality rate in men with Coronavirus infection is found to be higher than that of women. Also, the study shows that people with an existing illness such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, and chronic respiratory disease are at higher risk of contracting the disease. Let’s check the detailed insights from the study


CCDC Coronavirus study: Report Covers more than 44,000 Confirmed Covid-19 Cases

The Coronavirus epidemic is fast spreading across the world with many confirmed cases emerging as per every passing day. There has been active research in place for the development of a vaccine against this dreadful epidemic. The Chinese government is also exploring novel ways to control the spread and minimise the cases of infections. For instance, there is a Close Contact Detection app that alerts users from staying in close contact with infected patients. In line with the efforts so far, the CCDC Coronavirus study on more than 44,000 confirmed cases is by far the largest study on the Coronavirus infection.  The details of the study are published in the Chinese Journal of Epidemiology.

The study suggests the elderly, ill and health workers stand at a higher chance of contracting the disease. Of the total 44,672 confirmed cases, 80.9% infections are classified as mild, 13.8% as severe and only 4.7% are considered as critical. The fatality rate of the people suffering from infection is low (2.3%), but it Wuhan, the epicenter of the disease turns out to be 2.9%. Further, the fatality rate is found to increase drastically in elderly people of about 80 years of age. The death rate in men (2.8%) with the Covid-19 virus is found to be higher than that of women (1.7%).

The CCDC Coronavirus study also indicated that people with an existing illness are at higher risk of contracting the disease. The illness includes patients with Cardiovascular (10.5%), diabetes (7.3%), chronic respiratory (6.3%) and hypertension (6%). The total number of infected health workers stands at 3,019, out of which 1,716 are tested as positive for the virus and 5 people have died. Interestingly, the study also found that the fatality rate in children is zero. Out of the 416 confirmed cases, there are no reports of death.

Study Points out Downward Trend in the Epidemic Curve Overtime

On a positive note, the study also suggests a downward trend in the “epidemic curve of onset of symptoms”. It can be attributed to the rapid measures taken by the Chinese government to further curd the spread of the disease. Some of the measures included isolation of entire cities, broadcasting of critical information such as handwashing, mask-wearing, care-seeking by rapid response teams is responsible for controlling the spread of the epidemic.


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