Slighter’s smart cigarette lighter helps you quit smoking without withdrawal symptoms: CES 2019

Smoking has been an addiction that is difficult to get rid off! Even though smokers are well aware of the health complications, it is quite difficult for them to quit smoking. There have been alternative solutions such as hypnotism and e-cigarettes, but the success rate has been found to be minimal. Meet Slighter’s smart cigarette lighter which accompanies you to quit smoking with its personalised program. Lebanon company Slighter developed the smart lighter that acts as a daily companion and motivates you to reduce smoking gradually. It thereby eliminating the occurrence of withdrawals symptoms.

Statistics of the smokers

It is estimated that there are roughly 1 billion smokers worldwide. Out of them, 70% of them have the intention to quit smoking and 40% of smokers actually attempt to quit smoking. But on the disappointing note, only a minuscule portion of 5% seems to succeed in quitting smoking entirely.


Existing smoking cessation methods vs Slighter

Most of the existing smoking cessation methods such as medicine, e-cigarettes, nicotine patches and so on only focus on the physiological aspects of smoking ignoring the psychological and social implications. As a result, the success rates are low and on the contrary, there are high relapse rates.

Slighter, on the other hand, employs nicotine fading that involves the reduction in the number of daily cigarettes tuning our body less reliant on cigarettes. It allows the smoker to continue with the regular smoking habits, while gradually reducing or entirely quitting smoking.

Features of Slighter’s Smart Cigarette Lighter:

Slighter comes in attractive hardware design; it features a metal band that gives the lighter an impressive outline. The lighter has a full-colour touch screen that displays the number of times you light up and on the other side contains the data needed to quit. Slighter gathers the data from the user for a period of 7 days to track the users smoking habits. After the completion of the duration, it devises a set schedule (plan) with the assistance of its inbuilt Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm. The plan helps you meet your goal of reducing smoking.

It also has an interactive mobile app that will be available for download on Google Play and App store. The app offers a complete smoking history accompanied by interactive graphs. With its community feature, it lets you connect with your friends and thereby helps motivate each other. As part of its Rewards program, it also rewards the users with badges, when they achieve a particular milestone.

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Pricing and availability

The Slighter smart cigarette lighter is available for pre-order for $129 and the company is expected to start shipping from July 2019.


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