Okewa rainwear is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles


Okewa raincoat is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles
                                                   Okewa raincoats

Okewa, a New Zealand based rainwear brand is making rainwear from 100% recycled plastic bottles. The company founded by Nevada and Nick has launched a Kickstarter campaign and now looking for backers for the project. The usage of plastic has reached such an alarming level that according to Ellen McArthur foundation, there could be more plastic than fish in the sea. So, keeping this in mind Okewa thought of venturing a more creative way to recycle the plastic Junk. This led the birth of beautifully crafted Okewa Raincoats made from recycled plastic bottles.

You can find six styles right now on the Kickstarter page of which three are designed for men, and the remaining are for women. The men’s rainwear styles include an Oversized patch pocket coat-Camel, Domed Jacket-Blue, and Slim overcoat-Black. For women, the styles include Domed Peacoat-Blue, Domed Raglan-Black and Column Coat-Blue. Residents of US, Newzealand and Australia, can avail the products duty-free.


But how is the fabric made from Plastic bottles?

-The process is quite a lengthy one and involves multiple steps that include:

-Initially, the used water bottles are shredded into flakes.

-They are then melted into pellets, and the yarn is extruded out of them.

-The next procedure involves spinning the yarn into the thread and woven into the fabric.

-Finally, it is laminated waterproof, cut sewn and further sealed into garments.

All the styles are currently available in three colours: Blue, Camel and Black. Wanted to know how many bottles needed to make the rainwear? Then there is the answer. For making a single Jacket, it requires 22 used bottles, whereas a single coat utilises 31 recycled bottles. The fabric is made by Bluesign- approved mill in Switzerland that maintains high environmental friendly standards.

The luxurious rainwear packs impressive features. Let’s have a glance;

-The rainwear is waterproof with the 10,000mm rating.

-The material is durable and also windproof.

-It is made of two-layered clothing with a technical membrane backing and a face fabric that is made from100% recycled plastic bottles.

-All the raincoats are hooded and carry an internal pocket.

-Further, the company is offering special Kickstarter pricing starting at $425.

-You can select your desired size from the provided size chart.

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The company has set a goal to collect $19,529 by the end of the crowdfunding campaign. Furthermore, it plans to deliver the products by Late November 2018 and ships all over the world.


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