Limbo-smartest self-balancing spinning top that spins for hours



Limbo-smartest spinning top that keeps on spinning for hours

Fearless toys designed Limbo-the ever spinning self-balancing top that keeps on spinning for four hours at a stretch without falling. Sounds unbelievable! The spinning top looks like any other ordinary top. But here the creators have made it in such a way that any new person may not be able to believe it on first notice. Limbo is a typical example of exemplary craftsmanship. The toy features metal casing on the anterior and metal bearing ball is located at the bottom.

Packed inside the top are the accelerometer and IC, rechargeable battery and a silent, hidden motor. Currently, the top is a part of a Kickstarter campaign to raise enough funds for the manufacturing process. Within no time the campaign is a grand success, and it easily surpassed the pledged goal of $40000 with still 45 days left. Currently, the project is backed by 4045 members, who pledged a total of $317, 958.


Limbo certainly can amaze people around, and you are likely to receive a WOW response from the surroundings. Before we dwell further, let’s have a glance at some of the features of the smartest spinning top.

Features of Limbo:

-The outer casing of the spinning top is made up of titanium or aluminium

-Limbo features a USB charging, recharging the internal battery is quite simple. Just remove the outer casing, and you can find a USB port. It takes around 30 minutes for complete charging.

-Once fully charged the batteries offer a backup lasting for forty hours.

-Limbo can easily spin on a variety of challenging surfaces. The top adjusts its speed and accelerates at where other ordinary tops can’t rotate.
-A perfectly balanced Limbo base that ensures unobstructed and centred spin. The base is made up of ABS plastic and is crafted using CNC machining.

-Each Limbo also comes with a keychain holder.

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So, now the question arises how can you stop the limbo?

Limbo can be easily stopped by any of the three mechanisms. You can grab it and stop it, or it stops when it meets a tricky obstacle. Further, the top can also be stopped using a confetti gun.

The pledges start from$49 for the standard Limbo, and the highest is $299 for world record kit. It includes non-rechargeable batteries and special mechanism that allows Limbo to spin for more than forty hours. Interestingly Limbo also holds the world record for the longest spinning mechanical top and spun for 27:09:24 hours.  It is expected that the company starts rolling out the tops to its backers in December.

Limbo-smartest spinning top that keeps on spinning for hours


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