YouTube launches Premieres to Help Creators Earn More Money

YouTube has announced a slew of new features that allow creators with new engagement and monetisation features. The new tool Premieres allows creators to hype-up pre-released/future on-demand videos by creating a special landing page. The creators can link the landing page to the video before it is live on the channel. While YouTube allows users to schedule pre-recorded videos, but there has been no feature that allows the anticipation of these videos. The only way creators can let know their followers about the pre-released videos is through Social media handles. Social sites like Instagram and Twitter are the only source for the promotion of these videos.


But with new Premieres the creators will be able to complete the release of a video with a countdown. Not only that YouTube premiers also has Super Chat feature which allows creators to interact with their audiences in real-time. The audience can clarify their queries through this feature before the release of the video or product. The Super Chat feature comes with a paid membership of $4.99. As part of membership, the users can avail unique badges, new member-only only posts in the custom tab. Furthermore, they can enjoy special privileges like exclusive live streams, videos and shoutouts offered by creators. However, the creators with 1,00,000 subscribers and part of YouTube partner program can only use the Premiere feature.

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YouTube Merchandise

Another exciting edition is the Merchandise feature that allows creators to sell the items directly through their channel. YouTube has partnered with Teespring and allows creators to choose from over 20 items. The items vary from phone cases, t-shirts and so on and allow creators to customise with a logo or face or whatever and sell the items through their channel. Currently, the feature is available only to U.S based channels with more than 10,000 subscribers.

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