Instagram Hour-Long Videos to Allow Users Post Videos Up to One Hour Long

Instagram popular for its photo-sharing and which allows users to post short videos is now gearing up to launch a new feature. The new feature allows users to post long-form videos having a duration up to one hour according to the Wall Street Journal. YouTube emerged as the most popular video-sharing app among U.S teens followed by Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook in a recent study. The new feature applies only to vertical videos and this feature brings the Facebook-owned app closer to Youtube. The new Instagram hour-long videos

feature offers new creative flexibility to the users for making videos. The short video length has been a constraint for the users and poses several limitations to the videos.

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Instagram Hour-Long Videos Feature: Other Details

Instagram had discussions in the recent past with the content creators and publishers about the creation of long-form of videos. It is speculated that Instagram will include the new feature in the app. Instagram currently is the most popular photo app with more than 800 million users. It is not clear whether the new feature would be permitted in the main feed. Instagram stories are limited to a length of 15 seconds, while the videos in the main feed can run up to 60 seconds. Last November, the stories feature clocked 300 million active daily users. However, the plan has been described as tentative and Instagram might consider against extending the video length time.

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